Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I love...

I've been struggling with the subject of my blog. I had to think long and hard why I wanted to start a blog in the first place? Is it because of the hype around blogs? I've seen some pretty impressive blogs the last couple of months.

So I guess the easiest thing would be to figure out what my interests are what i wouldn't mind blogging about on the regular.

- I love plants :) My love for the botanicals started off at varsity and I haven't been able to shake it
- I love ice cream :) I've had ice cream cakes for all of my birthdays in high school (even my 18th)
- I love talking and discussing social issues and the roles they play in the relationships we see ourselves in
- I love travelling and discovering a new eatery
- I love driving around. I am the driver seat hogger. Road trips are my absolute favourites! With me in the driver seat - obviously
- I love strong, black, sweet tea. One of my first loves actually

I should sit down and make a mind map to decide how I want my blog to look like and what content I want to share with the peoples.

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